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For your innovative production, we provide you with assembly systems and testing technology from a single source – tailored to your needs and requirements. Take advantage of our decades of know-how in the areas of automation, special engineering, and innovative testing technology.

MARQ4 Automation Anlage

We know what you are talking about

From assembly systems and test equipment to end-of-line testers – some special machine builders are particularly strong in one segment or the other. 

With MARQ4 Automation you get the full package from a single source.


From decades of experience in system automation and production, we are very familiar with the specific challenges our customers face in their respective industries. As the original division of the Marquardt Group, we have spent many years developing, installing, and operating manufacturing and testing equipment for this globally operating family-owned business. 

That is why we are in a better position than anyone else to assess where the challenges for automation and testing technology lie in everyday production – and how to tackle them effectively.

This specific know-how also benefits your system.  


From electronic micro-components for the home industry to premium LED strips for automotive interiors and heavy-duty high-voltage systems for e-mobility – with our special machines you can assemble, inspect, and test your innovative products reliably and cost-efficiently.

“We offer our customers everything from a single source: automated assembly and testing. This way we can avoid difficult interfaces to other manufacturers that create unnecessary complexity. No matter where challenges occur in the systems, we can react immediately and provide solutions.”

Martin Dreßler, Sales, Business Development


With our equipment, we boost the quality of your production all throughout the EU market as well as in Asia,  America, North Africa, and other regions around the world. 

Wherever you need us!

MARQ4 Automation Testing & Automation

Services of our assembly systems

PCB handling, handling of sensitive/visible surfaces

Loading and unloading, turning, repositioning, centering

Robotics, rotary tables, longitudinal transfer systems, circulation systems, feeding technology

Gluing, screwing, riveting, soldering, welding, crimping, latching

Bending, straightening, separating

Labeling, laser marking, scoring, embossing, printing


MARQ4 Automation Testing & Automation

Services of our measuring and testing systems

Brightness, colour location, colour balance, symbol, presence, shape, position

e.g. high-voltage measurements for e-mobility Insulation resistance measurements
Communication measurements CAN, LIN, USB, HF, LF, UWB, force-displacement measurements, linear, rotary, acceleration
Marking and labelling: laser, labelling, printing
Noise, leakage measurements
Traceability systems
Batch size 1 to large series (cycle times <1sec)
Inline function test  
End-of-line test of the entire product functionality


Group 8
MARQ4 Automation Automotive

Shaping change with innovation

As a manufacturer or OEM in the automotive industry, you are directly impacted by changes in the entire sector. Today and in the future, these are some of the topics that matter to you:

Battery management, human-machine interfaces, touchpads with active haptics, ambient lighting, drive authorization systems and, last but not least, autonomous driving.


When it comes to special engineering, we have extensive expertise in automation in all these segments. After all, we helped shape the transformation of the industry with innovative concepts from the very beginning. For example, we were involved in the first e-mobility solutions and are now a leader in the production of battery management systems with our assembly automation and testing systems.



“Safety and costs are important issues for our customers in the e-mobility segment. As a complete supplier and pioneer in battery management, we can draw on our experience from several successful system projects. This ensures that we always offer the best total package for our customers.”

Thomas Klett, Head of Sales



Hightech Systems

In the interior segment, you benefit from our experience in testing equipment, especially for lighting systems, touchpads, and other HMI solutions, for example, when it comes to calibration and color matching of LEDs.

A particular challenge: Nowadays, some plastic parts installed in vehicle interiors are over one yard long. No problem for you! Because our assembly and testing systems enable you to manage even large components during handling and logistics – before and after the assembly line.

Drive authorization systems in process automation are anything but new territory for us. In a manner of speaking, we basically grew up with them. With our automation technology for assembly systems, you can produce anything your customer’s heart desires: from traditional radio remote controls and keyless systems based on ultra-wideband technology to innovative access options for autonomous driving. Of course, we are also concerned with all data protection and cyber security challenges in special engineering. We make sure they are not an issue!

MARQ4 Automation Automotive

Electrical industry

From the biggest to the smallest parts – manufactured cost-efficiently worldwide
MARQ4 Automation Elektroindustrie

Maximum precision, short cycle times, large quantities

When it comes to micro-signal switches or actuating switches for power tools or cleaning equipment, for example, we have been ahead of the competition for decades – with our assembly systems, we work for world-renowned premium brands in this field. In the area of household appliance automation, we have also been at the top of the leader board for a long time. After all, white goods contain more and more sensors of all kinds, and they are increasingly being operated via touchpads.

Assemble and perform end-of-line testing for your brightness sensors, turbidity sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, and touch control panels on our special machines! 


ICON Medizintechnik


In all of the industries that MARQ4 Automation has developed special expertise, two requirements are always, and consistently indispensable: Maximum precision and safety. This applies to the automotive sector, for example, but also to medical technology. The unmatched reliability and integrity of our test systems ensure that the strictest safety regulations and guidelines are followed.  Compliance to the various safety classes in the production of medical products is absolutely critical. Decades long experience in automation, along with best in class measurement and testing fundamentals, seamlessly apply to life saving Medical applications. With absolute certainty - we will find a suitable solution for your special requirements in this demanding market.


Other industries for which we develop and implement system and testing concepts:

  • Aerospace engineering
  • Food industry
  • Appliance Industry